What is Dreams Without Frontiers?

Dreams Without Frontiers

Dreams Without Frontiers – the ‘unpackaged’ travel community

DreamsWithoutFrontiers was formed by, and for, people with a passion for niche, off the beaten track, independent travel.   DreamsWithoutFrontiers is owned by Simon Thorp Consulting, and aims to be a one-stop knowledge pool for all things personal and niche about travel. Everything from dream experience recommendations from people who have actually been there and done that, to tips about passports, visas, health, security and more obscure “need to know” information.

When there are suggested themes or destinations that may be of interest, we’ll publish a link to further information on the home page of this site.   We hope you’ll find this useful and inspiring.

We like Tour Operators, Tourist Offices, Online Travel Agents and Travel Review Websites, but don’t particularly enjoy trawling through lots of irrelevant content to get to the information we need. Nor do we enjoy having products and prices pushed on us when we are actually seeking impartial information and inspiration about the places we’d love to visit.

We don’t mind paying for a tailor made holiday put together by an expert, but this is not the starting point to our journey. When we are deciding where we’d like to go, our expectations are “non-standard”. So too are considerations about what we’d like to do when we get there.

We think’s it’s much more important to understand what kind of person you are (and the type of experiences you’re most likely to enjoy) than simply pushing products, prices and departure dates on to you which will probably not be suitable.

We’ve developed a simple system to broadly identify what kind of people generally enjoy the holidays described. This may or may not match your profile. The system looks like this, and you’ll find it in various places around DWF:

√ Watch/Do-Play √ Culture √ People √ Climate

In a nutshell, Dreams Without Frontiers is not about “everyone else”. It is “About Me”.


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The content of this website is copyright Dreams Without Frontiers and Simon Thorp Consulting.   Please obtain permission before reproducing content.   We are not responsible for links to, or content on, other websites.

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