Solo holidays

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solo holidays

Solo holidays are enjoyed by people who are travelling on their own but still want to do the things enjoyed by couples and groups.   This might involve relaxing in the sun, discovering a new area, exploring a worldwide location, enjoying an exciting activity, improving golf skills, enjoying the thrill of the slopes or sailing to a variety of destinations.   Just because the holiday begins as a solo traveller does not mean that there will be no contact with other people, in fact there are numerous opportunities to meet as many (or as few) fellow holiday makers as you wish.  Just because you are taking a solo holiday does not mean you are necessarily single.   You might be taking a dream “road trip” without other members of your family.   Or perhaps your available holiday dates don’t coincide with those of your friends.  But you may be single and looking to meet new people for friendship or romance.


Solo holidays can be taken in every corner of the globe.   Particularly popular activities include skiing in Europe, cruise holidays in Florida and the Caribbean, trekking holidays in Asia and beach holidays in the Mediterranean and Greek Islands.


Variety is the spice of life and this can be said of the mix of people who take solo holidays. In fact, many people book a solo holiday because they do want to meet other solo holiday makers.   It provides a  chance to experience new destinations, take part in an activity and socialise with a group of new friends and even some old ones too.

You should find a mixture of men and women, and age ranges, on a solo holiday, and generally speaking ladies tend to book earlier than men.


You can take a solo holiday all year round.   For example, if you’d like to take a Caribbean Cruise with lots of opportunity to mingle with other guests, then this is possible throughout most of the year (though you might want to avoid the hurricane season).   Alternatively, if you’d rather go trekking in the Himalayan mountains and come across fewer holiday makers but some amazing flora and fauna, then there are also several options.   Or if lying on a summy beach with a good book is your preference, then there are many cost effective options across Europe between June and September, from the Balearic Islands, to Greece and Spain.


No, but the starting point of course is that you are travelling on your own!


There are lots of options.   You could visit a Christmas Market in the UK or Europe;   a summer gourmet tour of the Champagne region; take a reasonably priced skiing holiday to Bulgaria or Andorra throughout the winter months, or perhaps refine your golfing skills in the spring in the Canary Islands or Southern Spain.


A solo holiday is likely to cost a similar amount to that paid by couples and groups, but will vary by destination.   There are several specialist operators who negotiate discounted rates with hotels for solo travellers.   But you should bear in mind that if you are wishing to book a hotel room for sole occupancy then some hotels will charge a supplement for this, as prices are typically based on two people sharing.


There are several famous solo holiday makers.   Diane Keaton is an Academy Award–winning actress, mother, photographer, writer, and singleton. While she’s been linked to numerous Hollywood greats, including Warren Beatty and Al Pacino (not to mention her romance with the one and only Woody Allen), she never married. In 2001, she famously publicly denounced the need to pursue romance and remains one of the most successful actresses on the silver screen.

Link to Other Things To Know (Passports, Visas, Health, Security)

You will certainly need a valid passport if you are travelling farther afield than the UK or the EU, possibly with several months’ validity remaining.    You may need vaccinations for more exotic destinations like the Indian Ocean or South America, and you should also carefully check security information for the area you are travelling to.   A good starting point for information is UK government websites like and

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