Music holidays

Music Holidays

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music holidays

For lovers of music, there are lots of possibilities to visit some interesting destinations around the world for outdoor festivals, indoor concerts or uniquely staged events to watch and listen to popular artists performing.   This may be rock music, pop, classical, jazz or a number of other styles.


Some of the most memorable pop and rock music festivals can be found in Europe and North America – the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California and Glastonbury being just two.   For lovers of classical music, the London Proms Season at the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park is considered a “must see” event, whilst Vienna in Austria and Florence in Italy play host to highly regarded performances.


If you enjoy sitting back (or standing) and enjoying the sights and sounds of professional musicians in often spectacular surroundings, then a music holiday should appeal.   It should be borne in mind that some of the more bohemian rock and pop music festivals take place in what can broadly be described as rural fields, so home comforts may not be on hand.   Classical concerts are usually in more formal, ornate indoor surroundings, but not always.  It is true to say that the great outdoors can throw all the elements at concert-goers, so be prepared for rain and mud, occasional sun and heat, and a mixture of other elements.   Whilst a classical event is likely to be witnessed by a hushed and respectful audience (sometimes in formal evening wear), expect a more raucous and beer fuelled experience at an outdoor rock event.   Either way, you’ll get along best if you are happy to share the event with other enthusiastic fans, who will be there for the same reasons as you: a love of a particular musical genre, a band, a classical musician and – importantly – a relaxed attitude to the surroundings.


Year round events dot the musical calendar, with outdoor festivals tending to take place in summer.   There are many options for those who prefer specific musical styles, dates or countries.


You will almost certainly need to buy a one day or multi day entry ticket in advance, especially if going to one of the more popular events, and you are unlikely to get in unless you have a ticket.   Whilst many outdoor festivals take place in summer, the UK weather can be variable, so it pays to have waterproof footwear and clothes, as well as a hat and sun cream just in case the weather is fine.   A supply of drinking water and food is also never a bad idea, as queues for food can be long and the choice limited.   For indoor concerts, you’ll usually find a more civilised experience, with decent toilets and food outlets.


Coachella in California is spread over two weekends in April.  Venue gates open at 11:00AM each day, camping opens Thursday 9:00AM, the festival takes place Rain or Shine and Festival pass must be worn at all times.   Line Up / Set times subject to change, everyone subject to search upon entry.    The festival is all ages. Age 5 & under are free, Day Parking is Free.   Glastonbury in the UK takes place over several days at the end of June.   The BBC Proms start in mid July and finish in early September.


The cost for Coachella is from around £200 for basic tickets to £500 for VIP passes.   A standard ticket for Glastonbury costs over £200 and often the event sells out a year in advance.  You will need to budget extra for everything other than the ticket, including camping equipment, transport to the event, food and drinks. For the BBC Proms, tickets range from as little as £7 per concert to over £100.


You’ll come across a wide spectrum of music lovers at all these events, and for outdoor festivals the common thread is usually a passion for the artists ands bands on the bill, a fearlessness of the weather and camping conditions, and a high tolerance of poor food and large quantities of beer.   You can expect an altogether more reverential audience at classical concerts, where performances are usually observed in silence and respectfully applauded.

Link to Other Things To Know (Passports, Visas, Health, Security)

You will be subject to the normal passport and visa requirements if you are going to a music event overseas, and should therefore also check if there are any health requirements associated with the place you are visiting.   You should be vigilant with personal belongings, as festivals can be a hot bed for pick pockets.


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