Disabled holidays

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disabled holidays

Disaabled holidays are for people with a physical challenge, perhaps a registered disability.    Just because a person has a physical challenge does not mean that they cannot explore the world like everyone else.   There are lots of options when it comes to disabled holidays.


Disabled holidays can be taken across the globe.   For example, the Greek Islands, Mediterranean (Cyprus), Egypt, Florida, Germany, the Canary Islands, Italy, the Balearic Islands, Spain, South Africa and the UK.

It is also possible to arrange a disabled skiing holiday, a disabled ocean cruise or a disabled river cruise.


Disabled holidays provided the same pleasures as those for able bodied people, and will often include features designed to ensure the most comfortable stay in a hotel, apartment or ship.

For example, special access to swimming pools, the use of scooters to get around, or special excursions in air-conditioned vans.   You may also find the location of your accommodation avoids steep slopes or flights of stairs.   Local holiday representatives may also have been enlisted to assist with your needs.  In such cases, you can be assured that you will be treated with dignity and respect.

Depending on the nature of physical disability, this type of holiday is likely to be enjoyed by people who want to watch the world go by, or perhaps get more involved in a specific acitivity.   You may like to relax in the sun, take to the ski slopes, immerse yourself in local culture, or meet new people, both disabled and able bodied.


There are plenty of options for disabled holidays.   The Greek Islands are generally sunny and warm from early summer to autumn, as is Florida, whereas Germany offers an array of castles and picturesque scenery with a milder climate than southern Europe.   The UK has many well equipped holiday options throughout the year, and in the winter months a disabled skiing holiday can be organised.    A disabled ocean cruise can usually be selected throughout most of the year, or a disabled river cruise can for example be taken in Holland or Germany from Spring until Autumn.


If you are taking a disabled holiday, you should bear in mind that you may need special insurance, and that your airline (if you are flying to your destination) may have specific regulations relating to the carriage of disabled people, for example if you are in a wheelchair or need special assistance to board and leave the aircraft.   You should also consider whether the accommodation you are choosing is properly equipped for your needs.   For instance, do you need a grab rail to get into and out of your room, do you prefer a bath or shower and is any special access required.   Also, when you are in your holiday destination, will you need a scooter or some other form of help to get around.   This is not a complete list, but it should help you think about some of the points to bear in mind.


For those who love to watch the world go gently by with the occasional sightseeing trip on dry land, a German river cruise in the spring or summer can be very enjoyable.   Alternatively, for the more active and adventurous, a specially equipped skiing holiday to New Hampshire in the USAis great fun.


A self catering short break to a holiday village in Cornwall,UK, will cost from around £400 per person, and a one week holiday in a three star hotel with adapted facilities in Cyprus will start from around £450 per person.   This should include flights and transfers.


Professor Stephen Hawking, won the Special Fundamental Physics Prize for a lifetime of achievements, including his many discoveries about black holes, and decided to spend the money on a holiday home.   Other famous disabled holiday makers include Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Link to Other Things To Know (Passports, Visas, Health, Security)

You should keep in mind the usual passport and visa requirements for the destination you choose to visit, but also bear in mind that many may not specially cater for people who, for example, use a wheelchair.   Therefore you should research your holiday very carefully before proceeding.

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